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As time went, it became apparent that the academic opportunities, when available, did not afford the students the basic knowledge required to understand the Coptic Heritage.  This is due to variety of reasons such as training, interest, and finances.  The Society through its Internet outlet has found much interest and desire to learn about this heritage by Copts and non-Copts alike on a global basis.  With the vast resources of the Internet some of these needs were met but not in a methodical fashion.  It was rather presented in a smorgasbord way that could cause the student brain to have mental indigestion.  Not only accuracy was compromised but also the knowledge base available had significant gaps.  As more of the Society members entered the academic world and relations with key scholars have been established over the years, the time was ripe to harness such capabilities to remedy the situation.  In other words, the Society can now mobilize academic human and material resources toward methodically spreading the knowledge of the Coptic Heritage, using the convenient electronic media of the Internet.


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