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Instructors and Staff


Admission, Registration, and fees





The following are the preliminary courses to be offered in the above departments:

      • CL101A: Introductory Bohairic Coptic
      • CL101B: Intermediate Bohairic Coptic [Requires CL101A]
      • CL102A: Introductory Sahidic Coptic
      • CL102B: Intermediate Sahidic Coptic [Requires CL102A]
      • CL103: Manuscripts of Christian Egypt (Registration),
      • Course Site (requires registration)

      • CB101: Introduction to the Coptic New Testament
      • CB102: Introduction to the Coptic Old Testament
      • CH101A: Coptic History I (St. Mark to Council of Chalcedon)
      • CH101B: Coptic History II (Council of Chalcedon to Arab Invasion)
      • CH101C: Coptic History III (Arab Invasion to Beginning of Fatimid)
      • CH101D: Coptic History IV (Fatimid to beginning of Ottoman Rule)
      • CH101E: Coptic History V (Ottoman Rule to British Occupation)
      • CH101F: Modern Coptic History (British Occupation to present Day)
      • CLT101: Introduction to Coptic Literature
      • CLT102: Introduction to Arabic Christian Literature in Egypt
      • CLT103: Intermediate Coptic Literature [Requires CLT101 and either CL101B or CL102B]
      • CLT104: Coptic Literature of St. Shenouda the Archimandrite [Requires CLT101 and CL102B]
      • CHG101: Introduction to Coptic Hagiography
      • CHG102: Intermediate Coptic Hagiography [Requires CHG101 and either CL101B or CL102B]
      • CLG101: Introduction to Coptic Liturgical Services
      • CLG102: Coptic Liturgical Manuals [Requires CLG101]
      • CM101: Introduction to Coptic Monasticism
      • CM102A: Upper Egyptian Monasticism [Requires CM101]
      • CM102B: Reading of Upper Egyptian Monastic texts [Requires CL102B]
      • CM103A: Lower Egyptian Monasticism [Requires CM101]
      • CM103B: Reading of Lower Egyptian Monastic texts [Requires CL102B]
      • CC101: Introduction to Coptic Canon Law
      • CC102: Introduction to Coptic Documentary Texts
      • CA101A: Introductory Coptic Art I- 1st to 10th Centuries
      • CA101B: Introductory Coptic Art II- 11th Century and later
      • CA102: Introduction to Coptic Architecture
      • CA103: Introduction to Coptic Archeology
      • SP100: Independent Studies
        • Coptic Papyri



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